Welcome to the East side of the Big Island! You’re going to enjoy visiting in the “real” Hawaii, without all the traffic and tourist traps that you’ll find just about everywhere else. Enjoy the sights and sounds that the Hilo-side of the Big Island has to offer: the coqui frogs, the waterfalls, the soothing passing showers – Mother Nature at her finest! If you’ve never experienced the east side of the Big Island, you’ll wish you’d have come here first, and you’ll never want to leave.


Hawaiian Paradise Vacation Rentals
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Explore Hilo, the most beautiful small city you’ll find anywhere. Hilo is an historic town with lots of shops and restaurants and places to swim and snorkel. Additionally, some of our homes are located in the quaint villages of Kea’au, Pahoa and Kapoho, which are just due south of Hilo. Each one of our homes has a distinctive taste and flavor all of its own. Kapoho, which is known as the sunniest spot on the Big Island, is home to some of the best local swimming and snorkeling, including the Wai‘ōpae Marine Life Conservation Tidepools area. The wonderful old boardwalks of Pahoa date back into the 1800’s and are a step back in time with some great restaurants and people watching. The sweet little village of Kea’au is the gateway to the highway of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Depending on your likes and tastes of wanting to explore the Big Island, we at Hawaiian Paradise Vacation Rentals have what you’re looking for.

If you’ve done the Waikiki Beach scene and have had enough of the tourist offerings, we cordially invite you to try the low-key ambiance of this peaceful little community on the Windward side. f this is your first visit to the Big Island, then you’ll want to click on the “Take A Tour” tab above.

So, if you’ve done the Waikiki Beach scene and have had enough of the tourist offerings, we cordially invite you to try the low-key ambiance of this peaceful little community on the windward side. If this is your first visit to the Big Island, then come and stay with us! We trust that you’ll find that perfect vacation rental home that’s perfect for you. We look forward to sharing our beautiful Paradise with you soon.

………………….We now manage over 30 homes.


If you’re thinking about buying a home or property here on the Big Island, we’re here for you. We love the East Side of Hawaii. From Hilo to Volcano to Kapoho, we’d love to show you how affordable Paradise is.

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Here’s Our Story…..

Mark worked as a personnel recruiter for over 20 years and Ron managed pianos stores and sold pianos and organs for 27 years.

In January of 2001, we vacationed on 4 islands in Hawaii, starting on Kauai, then to Maui, then to the Big Island and ending up on Oahu. In the three short days that we were here, we fell in love with Pahoa town and the East Side of the Big Island. In fact, this area made such an impact on us that we made a 5 year goal to move here. Ron had been to Hawaii 11 times by this trip, and every time he came, he tried to figure out “how can I stay and live in Paradise”. This was Marks 2nd trip.

Now, with NO help from us, everything fell in place in a year and a half. Mark’s business partner was ready to go his own way and buy Marks 1/2 of the personnel business they co owned from him, and Ron, after 27 years in the piano business, was “pau” (“done” in Hawaiian) with his career. So, when Marks business partner decided to buy him out, it was time for a move, not only in location ( we were moving from the Texas hill country), but in jobs. We were not retired!

We sold our home in Wimberley, Texas (hill country town between San Antonio and Austin) and bought a big 37’ motorhome. Our intent was to travel for a year then move to Hawaii. But after traveling for 4 months, we saw that real estate prices might be edging up on the Big Island and decided to take a month off from traveling and come to the Big Island to decide whether we were going to move here or not. We arrived here knowing only two people (the managers of the vacation rental where we stayed) who we had “talked story” with for only 45 minutes when we vacationed here in 2001.

Our first realtor couldn’t meet with us the day after we arrived, so we received a referral at a Pahoa restaurant for Roseanne Shoemaker. Roseanne “lived” in the back seat of our rental car for 1 full week. Our first house purchase list had 40 MLS listings in our price range which was narrowed down to 20. And then, as we looked around during that week, we added more to that. We drove all over the east side of the Big Island to get a real feel for where we thought we might want to be. About day 5, we pulled up to a house in Hawaiian Parks outside of Pahoa town. Even before entering the house, Ron said, “This IS IT!”. Mark wasn’t quite as excited, but we bought it and this was our start in Paradise. So, on September 29, 2002, we were residents of Hawaii.

After 9 months, we sold the first house and made a nice profit and bought a real fixer in Nanawale Estates, another Pahoa subdivision. It was so bad that the appraiser told us that he couldn’t hand over the appraisal to the lender. We could both see the potential in this beautifully designed multi level home. So, we paid cash. We took four months to completely remodel this home and, after living in it for 2 years, we again sold at a nice profit and bought a true Round House back in Hawaiian Parks. I had always admired this truly unique architectural design. This home was dated in the extreme, with old butcher block counter tops, dark paneling, lime green toilets and sinks, but a real jewel in the rough. Again, we took four months off from doing anything else and remodeled this home. After living in it for 3 years, we built our “Dream Home” on 4 1/3 beautiful acres in the country (upper Kapoho). We built off grid (totally solar) and are enjoying living off of Mother Nature’s resources! You can do that easily here!

Jeana Jones joined our team in 2012, also moving here from Central Texas, moving here to get away from the Big City life to work with us, and has been a tremendous asset!